2021-07-02 Updates

New month, new bunch of updates!

This time we also have some brand new articles, about Modulex, sustainable prototype bricks, OLO bricks and slotted bricks made with weird plastic. Two new contributors too, Paulo and Elspeth!

Also some old posts about OLO (or oLo) bricks.


LEGO Modulex Overview Sheet

Recycled PET Prototype Bricks

Trans-Clear Slotted Bricks Made Using a Weird Plastic

oLo – The Unicorn of Production Bricks

oLo Brick

oLo Stud Logo Mystery – What Is Up? And What Does It Mean?

LEGO Minitalia/OLO Hybrid Glued Model

OLO Bricks (pat. pend.)

Bricks with Hollow Studs

Comparing oLo and Minitalia

oLo Vs. Minitalia Overview

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