oLo – The Unicorn of Production Bricks

I can’t describe how much I like these bricks. oLo bricks were produced in Denmark for the Japanese market between 1970 and 1977. When I started collecting 2×4’s I came across many information about these bricks… but they always seemed like an unattainable objective. When attending the Skærbæk Fan Weekend in 2019 I talked to an AFOL that lives in Japan and he told me that he would try to see if someone had them… but that it wasn’t easy because in Japan the houses are small and space is precious, so people throw away the old stuff that they have hanging around.

Fortunately these bricks were saved from the landfill. 😁

All these bricks are from mould A, cavities 3 (red and blue) and 5 (yellow and white).

Instead of “Pat. pend” these bricks have “pend pat”. The engraving of the trademark is a bit sloppy comparing to the sharpness of the mould and cavity info.

I’m really happy to add this mythical bricks to my collection.

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