More Resources

Besides the single posts that have been an will be archived here, there are many other important and useful resources for people interested in LEGO history. The following list does not claim to be a complete one.


Printed Books

  • 50 Years of Play, by Willy Horn Hansen, 1982 The LEGO Group
  • World of LEGO Toys, by Henry Wiencek, 1987
  • 50 Years of the LEGO Brick, by Christian Humberg, 2008 The LEGO Group
  • Et liv med LEGO, by Jens Andersen (with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen), 2021 (edition in English coming first half of 2022)
  • The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks, by By Daniel Konstanski, 2022 (upcoming, and sounding very interesting)

Online Articles