2021-07-26 Updates

It’s been a busy month, but here’s a new update.

We have some brick overviews, variations and details from WRme2 and we welcome Ryan and their great posts about LEGO colors and Modulex bricks.

Modulex Colors

2014 Modulex Black

Modulex 2×4 Molds (Part 1: Colors)

Modulex Mold Types (Part 2: Position Numbers)

Modulex Color Timeline

The 2003-4 Color Change

Color Timeline

Danish 8xc Without Mold Number

Comparing German and Danish 8xc Bricks Without Mold Number

Bricks With Cross-Support, Mold 181

Bricks With Cross-Support, Mold 133

Bricks With Cross-Support, Mold 174 Details

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