Danish 8xc Without Mold Number

German 8xc bricks without mold number have been known for years. Recently we found out that there was a similar mold without mold number in the USA. Now I think that LEGO used one in Denmark also.

These bricks were found with more test bricks in Denmark. In the past we have guessed that the test bricks or the molds might travel, but knowing about the second mold in the USA I decided to take a closer look.

All these bricks have a small amount of mold damage inside the tubes that I have not been able to find on any of my German bricks. This is not definite proof yet, but it is certainly something that we can look for in other bricks.

There is also some damage inside the studs, but from other bricks I know that that area seems to have more wear, so unless we find an exact match the mold damage in that location might be a less reliable indicator.

Logo: No LEGO logo. There is a letter C on all the studs.
Material: ABS
Inner wall: Thick.
Inner ribs:
Inner tubes:
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: No.
Mold pip: on the stud
Mold numbers: None
Mold cavity numbers: None
Intellectual property protection: None
DesignID: None
Remarkable features: Test brick with the letter C on all studs.
Colors known: Yellow, Black, Blue

If these really are Danish test bricks then we will probably only find official LEGO colors.


  • Can we find more confirmation that these bricks were really made in Denmark?
  • Did we find these bricks earlier without identifying them?
  • Did these bricks cause confusion about what we thought were lots containing a mix of Danish and German test bricks?

[Original post and comments on Flickr.]

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