Comparing oLo and Minitalia

Minitalia left and oLo right.

The bricks are very similar, but can be easily identified by the stud logo. The oLo brick was made from a brighter, more shiny material than the Minitalia brick.

The mold pip is larger on the Minitalia brick. I think this is a consequence of the different material used.

oLo left and Minitalia right.

The bricks are very similar, but there are a few minor differences. The “crossed flowribs” in the oLo brick are a bit narrower than in the Minitalia brick. This could be a coincidence, but I think that the mold was optimised for the material used.

I do think that the pat/pend and pend/pat are a coincidence. Bricks with the “pend” above “pat” are uncommon, but I have seen it in a few more LEGO system molds.

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