Recycled PET Prototype Bricks

With the new announcements of the new rPET prototypes, I remembered this photo I took a couple of years ago at the LEGO Idea House. These were clearly very early prototypes, since they’re transparent (current rPET prototypes can’t be transparent anymore because of the additives, they’ll need to find another plastic for those).

All the details about rPET bricks can be found on New Elementary (including some questions I could ask the sustainability team during a roundtable, yesterday evening.)

The following bio-based prototypes also were (are?) at the LEGO Idea House two years ago. They have probably been discarded by now (or… not, since eventually they’re going to need different kinds of plastics – like now – and probably some will be recycled and some will be bio-based.)

Together with the announcement TLG shared an interesting video of the new rPET prototypes. Here are some screenshots of some details! It appears the bricks have “LEGO” written on one (?) stud, where the pip also is. And something else seems to be written on some of the other studs… I think I can read an “MT” on the top two studs? On the mold I think I see a “103” and inside a brick something like “96006”? Then there are two bricks in a machine that seem to have the pip on the side, but maybe it’s a different kind of brick.

There are also more images available in the press release on Where we can see bricks that look like regular ones (LEGO on 8 studs), some with LEGO on 7 studs and not on the one with the pip and some fantastic bricks with “0.5/5”, “0.8/9”, “1,8/13” on two studs.

[Original posts and comments on Flickr: rPET, bio-based.]

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