LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #23

Biler comparison ver. 1.0

400 Serie (16cm)

Smaa fine celluloselakerede Biler , som passer til Falck stationen (20cm)
405 Lastbil
405/1 Kranbil
405/2 Brandbil
405/3 4Hj Benzinbil
405/4 6Hj Benzinbil
405/5 Ambulance

340 Lastbil 25cm
340/1 do. med 6 Stk. 4cm klodser
340/2 do. med Junger 牛奶罐
341 Lastbil 30cm
341/1 do. med Hak 有圍欄
341/2 do. med otte 4 cm klodser 8方塊
341/3 do. med 4Hj.pahangsvogn +四輪拖車
342 Benzinbil (4Hj) 27cm (6Hj) 29cm
343 Kranbil 29cm
345 Brandbil 29cm

(wide 7cm)
541 Lastbil 4Hj 23cm
541/1 Lastbil 4Hj extended bed truck
542 Benzinbil 6Hj (GULF-sure/ESSO-?) 25cm
543 Kranbil 4Hj 23cm
544 Concrete mixer truck 4Hj 23cm
545 Brandbil 6Hj 25cm
54X Concrete car

(wide 6.5cm)
85X / 80X -to be discussed

400 煤氣車樣本/例外樣本(較長)
400/405 近似側邊噴圖
405/34X 54X/85X/80X 近似車燈
54X 混凝車編號考證

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