LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #22

LEGO Trætog

Besides long version 411 and short 410, there is also Nr. 330 with middle size lokomotiv/godsvogn/personvogne in early 40s. To identify the 330 we can see it has 2 big wheels just like 411 but without coal car, also the size is smaller than 411 (both lokomotiv and personvogne). In late 40s 330 change to 430 with some changes as we can see on the 50s catalog picture (use 411 front and hollow godsvogn).
Metal round windows on prototypes was using on 50s ferry too.

1. Nr. 411 “Expressen” EXPRESTOGET (Red lokomotiv ver.)
2. Nr. 411 top box looking
3. The detail of 411 box side
4. Nr. 410 top box looking
5. Nr. 410 “FUT-FUT-Togstamme”
6. A godsvogn and unpainted clone ones.(IH)
7. Nr. 330 “IItoget” (only back wheels ver.) and some clones.(IH)
8. Both Nr. 330 and Nr. 410 boxes in old IDH display. (IH)
9. Prototypes lokomotiv/personvogne with round metal windows
10. Products on the shelves (40er Trmvaerkstedet)
11. Nr. 330 “Iltoget” (Black lokomotiv ver. IH)
12. Late 40er Nr.430/330 version with hollow godsvogn.
13. Nr. 411 early 40er in orange/green color.
14. Nr. 410 early 40er in orange/green color.
15. Different sizes of tog during 40-50er.
16. Hambat train (similar looking to 410 personvogne)
17. Hambat train (1945-55)
18. Nr. 411 Nr. 330 Nr. 410 (Top-bottom)

IH: Idea House

The brand “Hambat” had produced similar tog/bilers to Lego during 50er.

411:105 cm
330: 90 cm
430:84 cm
410:55 cm

Brown wheels also use on hose reel for stor brandbil

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