LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #6

LEGO 40’s modelbiler Type 2

Type 1 and 2 in the early 40s were influenced by GKC’s design in 1937; therefore, came the similar design of the front (both using 40’s vertical logo).

The difference lies in the fact that the grill in type 1 is moer pointing while, despite the shorter front of type 2, its grill is curvier. In addition to the design of the protruding front, the painting on grill of the tro versions is different as well.

#342 Benzinbil (Esso) 27cm

#343 Kranbil 29cm

#345 Brandbil 29cm

Discuss the difference between type 1 (#405) & 2 made in early 40s.

There will be a new compare pic showing more type 1 lastbil in the future.

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