LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #5

Esso & Gulf

Early related items between oil companies and LEGO

Gulf one with wooden tires and another collector has a same one with golden sticker logo so apparently it would be an early example of this type of the truck.

3 axles truck exists 4 type as I know so far:

Tanker: Esso Gulf Shell (Shell one had only seen in the vault) and fire truck with ladder.

To identify between 2 version shown in the pic:


  • Logo: golden sticker / water decal

    One of my friend has a same Gulf one with golden logo. Golden logo started in late 40s and wildly use on pull-animals and vehicles.

  • Wheel: both rubber tires but sometimes earlier version still with wooden tire like the one I shows here.
  • Size(wide): 6.7cm / 5.5 cm. Earlier one always wider than later version,there’s a early yellow truck(2 axles) displays in the vault.
  • Grill painting direction: horizontal / vertical

I have never seen a early one with vertical grill painting so far,examples I know are all with horizontal grill painting.

There are actually 3 types of these small trucks,but here I only shows the difference between 2 types.

Not sure the date of the type I didn’t show here,but with golden sticker also so its the same period I assume,and shape looks familiar like these 2 types.

Though hard to say in the moment, but if need pics I can shows on fb pb.

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