Welcome to The Brick Archive!


This is our first real post, even if you see many, many posts that are much older than this.

As we explain in The Idea section, this website is meant to become an archive about data and facts on 2×4 LEGO bricks and other old LEGO items. Most of these data already exist on the Internet (mainly, but not only, on Flickr) and we will keep adding old, informative posts, as a way to keep everything “backed-up” in the same place and with better categorization.

Our ultimate goal is to make it easier to find the information that you’re interested in finding.

Since a good part of the content will be added in the form of older posts (we’ll keep the original dates of the original posts), every now and then we’ll make a recap of the new/old posts, so that you don’t risk missing out anything.

You can also follow us on the usual social media (or RSS feed) that you can find in the top menu.

As a final note, even though the site debuts today, the domain was originally registered two years ago! There’s been a lot of (slow) work going on behind the scenes…


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