LEGO Typographic Study – 2/13 – 2001 – LEGO Creator

Simplified from the video game logo from some years prior, the original Creator logo was playful but still regimented, working in that all important system. The Kabel typeface revived by ITC in 1975 has its roots all the way back in 1927, with its angled strokes and single width structure baring the characteristics of a chisel-tip pen. It was designed to attract attention as a display font, and that’s exactly what it does in the Creator logotype.

The dynamic green sweep that envelops this box design was carried through into the more modern Creator sets as seen last week, and the placement of the set number, this time in Franklin Gothic, also allows it to start resembling the sets we see today.

The green may have been a choice to let it stand out from other LEGO themes at least, but given how short lived this design was, I think they got the idea that it wasn’t quite striking enough on the shop floor with other toys. Humble beginnings we’ll call it.

Next week I’ll take a stab at some painting and illustration because I think it’s time to go ‘Freestyle’ =D

[Original posts and comments on Flickr: font, image.]

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