LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #13

After the war TLG used rubber tires on few later models, same as wooden tractors’ wheels.

LEGO Den Store Brandbil

Comparison of details between nr. 315 (44 cm) in different periods. Pictures on the left are 1938-41 models with reused yoyo wheels and having the hook-like ladder support, also using the plastic windscreen on their front.
The late 1941-46 version shows above which change the wheels shape, headlights, wooden windscreen with ladder support. The LEGO logo also appears, both early bottom logo and mid 40s golden sticker logo. Prototypes in Idea House even show a few firemen on it.
Early brandbil had started a new design in 1947 with some similar traces like former ones.

Bottom pics thx to Olaf

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