LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #9

Lego 40’s modelbiler Type 3

1. Convertible (red) early wooden tires version
2. Metal grill/headlights/windshield and golden sticker
3. Convertible (red) later rubber tires version
4. Convertibles display in the Idea House
5. Seats & steering wheel
6. LEGO-balloon logo on rubber tires
7. The metal grill at the front of the convertible
8. 40’s logo sticker on the back
9. Convertible (yellow) early wooden tires version
10. The trunk of the convertible (yellow)
11. Convertible in the book “50 Years of Play”
12. Platform truck
13. Esso truck
14. Gulf truck with golden sticker
15. Tow truck
16. Truck with extended bed
17. Fire truck with wooden tires
18. Fire truck with rubber tires

Many thanks to collectors Matthew, Brian and Francesco for some pictures showing.

Had a short talk with Matthew John and we believe that the shape of these models were based on the Cadillac in the same period (1946-47)

[Original post and comments on Flickr.]

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