LEGO Wooden Toys – Daily Research #2

30’s Model biler

During the late 30s LEGO had produced sleek cars with tin wheels in 3 different sizes. The middle size one with extend-sides and the example in LEGO Archives have the logo (starts from 1936) in its bottom.

Sharing some examples from TLG and collectors’ collections.

A smallest type with solid cabin exist which not show here and BRIO also made that type with different side painting during 50s.

Photo descriptions

  • 1. Middle size – Idea House
  • 2. Middle size – B. Jensen
  • 3. Middle one with 1936 logo – TLG
  • 4. 1936 LEGO logo – TLG
  • 5. big size – Idea House
  • 6. Vault pic Hans Lund took in 1955
  • 7. Small size (red) – Paul (Minibillund)
  • 8. Small size (blue) – Idea House
  • 9. Small size (blue) – Daniel
  • 10. Bottom look of small one – Daniel/TLG

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