Set 6177 (Bought in 2013/14, Netherlands)

This photo shows the 2×4 bricks I found in set 6177, first released in 2008 but bought on discount in 2013 or 2014 in the Netherlands. The bags containing the parts are marked with (C) 2011, but the same print is found on bags found in set 10682 in 2015. The best production date I can determine is “between 2011 and 2014”.

This gives us a general view on the mold numbers in use, but because the set was not bought in its first year of release a precise date is not known.

239 – Blue
245 – Reddish Brown
249 – White
260 – Orange, Red, Black
801 – Reddish Brown, Yellow, Lime, Green.

Saving this information now could help us to prevent some headache in the future, and stop us wondering where/when the odd 801 bricks belong in the 3001 timeline 😛

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