LEGOLAND California Factory Tour – Mold 777

The Legoland California factory tour attraction is a walk-through attraction that teaches young children how LEGO models are made. It includes a demonstration by a machine that makes two 2×4 bricks at a time. The bricks fall onto a conveyor, drop in a shredder and get dumped back into the ABS to be molten again and again….. The ABS darkens during this remelting and remoulding process. Every few months, the ABS is replaced.

Some people call the darker shades of red “Legoland rust”, this refers to a range of shades and not a unique color.

The molding machine has been in operation since the park opened on March 20, 1999.

I received these bricks in November 2014. The bricks differ in age by about two months. The bricks have a lot of marks, showing the wear of the mold.

Logo: Modern logo
Material: ABS
Inner ribs: None.
Inner tubes:
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: No
Mold pip: just above the center on the short side.
Mold number: 777
Mold position numbers: 1 and 2
Intellectual property protection: None.
Design ID (3001): Yes, written as 03001.
Colors known: Several shades of red.
Remarkable features:

  • unusual mold pip location for a modern brick
  • part number 03001 instead of 3001
  • available in a range of colors from red to somewhat darker than dark red.

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