624210 – LEGO House set of 6 bricks

The LEGO House has a working moulding machine that produces 6 2×4 bricks in each molding cycle. The bricks drop into a packing system that produces these polybags. The bricks are collected in a holding area before being separated and weighed during the packing process, so the bricks in a bag do not have to originate in a single molding cycle. Every visitor gets a bag with six red bricks at the exit with a unique personalised card that shows one of the 915.103.776 different ways these bricks can be combined.

The “6 bricks” seem to be inspired by a patent officer, and have been used to demonstrate that the LEGO design (with tubes) is much more versatile than that of their predecessors and competitors.

See www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ItV57Mnnh8
and www.math.ku.dk/~eilers/LIFE5UK.pdf

The factory code “534LH7” can be decoded to indicate

day 5, week 34, production location “LEGO HOUSE”, year (201)7.

That date matches the pre-opening AFOL test day on Friday the 25th of August 2017. I found this text online:

“The LEGO House team is doing different tests visits with changing numbers of guests and focus groups to check and adjust the experience so all is ready and perfect for the official opening.
As AFOLs are an important focus group for the LEGO House they are looking for up to 350 AFOLs/TFOLs who are interested in participating in this test visit in the LEGO House on Friday the 25th of August from 4pm to 8pm.
The 350 spots will be distributed as first come first serve and to apply for a spot you need to click this link www.fanweekend.dk/lh-ate/register.php (active until May 7th or as long there are free spots), fill in your details and press the link in the automated confirmation email you will receive shortly after (please check your spam folder if you not receive a confirmation email) so I can prepare a participant list for my LEGO House colleagues.
Please notice that this registration will only get your email on the guest list but to actually get a ticket and participate you need finally to register via a link in a LEGO House email you will receive in June.
Mid-May the registered participants will receive the 1st email from the LEGO House with more details and in June the 2nd email with the official registration link. The link will be only open for a limited time and as long there are free spots. So please note that only once you have registered via the link given by the LEGO House you are valid registered.
As this is a test visit please understand that not all activities might work or there might still be adjustments or missing things so please keep in mind that the experience will not be perfect.
Unfortunately we are not able to cover any costs for travel or accommodation – it will be possible to buy food and drinks in one of the restaurants that day.

The LEGO® House will officially open its doors on 28 September 2017.

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