Danish (?) Test Bricks – Modern Logo – 351 to 358 Inside Tubes

Another mold that found a new use after being used for the production of regular production bricks 🙂

Logo: Modern logo.
Material: ABS (solid), PP (transparent)
Inner ribs: On the long and short sides. Visible as a frosted line in transparent bricks.
Inner tubes: with flat bottom
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: Yes.
Mold pip: on the short side.
Mold numbers: 351 to 358.

The 5 in number 357 is damaged/obscured.

Intellectual property protection: None.
Design ID (3001): None
Colors known: Regular production bricks made in this mold are known to exist in Transparent (trans-clear) only.

Other colors have been found (probably only in Denmark)

Remarkable features:

  • Non-production colors. Initially only green was known, suggesting this might have been a Q-element. Later more odd colors were found.


  • Are these Danish test bricks?

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