Borg-Warner Amsterdam Test Brick 2xABCD Small Font – F

Logo: None
Material: ABS
Inner ribs: none
Inner tubes: with rounded bottom
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: Yes.
Mold pip: on the short side, below the letters on the studs.

Mold numbers:

  • A F1 The A is engraved over an earlier 1 or 7
  • B F2
  • C F3 The C brick has an additional inverted C below the right tube
  • D F4

Intellectual property protection: Pat. pend

(“Pat.” above the middle tube, “pend” below the middle tube.)

Remarkable features:

  • Test brick, not for regular production.
  • A small capital letter on the top right and bottom left studs, the other studs are blank.
  • The font size is identical to that on the bricks with a letter in the top right corner. There are slight differences in the position of the letter so it does not look like one mold was changed into the other.
  • Very similar to the 2xABCD bricks with mold identification letter D inside.

Colors known: many.


  • When were these bricks made?
  • Where were these bricks made?

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