3001 With Cross-Support and Pip on the Short Side – Nr 3/09 to 3/16

This is the only brick with cross-supports and thick walls. The brick might have been intended to make transparent bricks.

Logo: Modern logo
Material: ABS and Polycarbonate (transparent)
Inner ribs: yes, visible as a frosted line on both the short and the long side.
Inner tubes: slightly tapered or rounded on the inside
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: Yes.
Mold pip: just above the center on the short side.
Mold number: 3 above left tube
Mold position numbers: 09 to 16 below left tube
Intellectual property protection: None

Colors known:

  • Trans-clear
  • Trans-red
  • Trans-orange
  • Trans-yellow (wanted)
  • Trans-green
  • Trans-dark blue
  • Allianz Arena milky white with glitter
  • Light Flesh
  • Medium Brown (previously Dark Flesh) (wanted)

Remarkable features:

  • Unusual combination of cross-supports with thick walls (no vertical ridges) and the pip on the short side.


  • Why were no bricks made in this mold ever released in regular production sets?
  • This brick is an updated version of an older mold. Its design indicates that it was first used in the late 1960s-early 1970s. The revised mold with cross-support was used to create special bricks for the Allianz Arena model in 2005. What happened to the mold in the years between? Such a long life span is very unusual for a mold.

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