Samsonite G

Logo: Samsonite “Open O” logo.
Material: CA and ABS.
Inner ribs: none.
Inner tubes: with rounded bottom.
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: No.
Mold pip: Just above the center on the short side.
Mold number: G, above the tube on the right side.
Mold position numbers: 1 to 20, above the tube on the right side.
Intellectual property protection: Pat pend, above and below center tube.
Design ID (3001): No.

Remarkable features:

  • This unusual mold number placement is only found in Samsonite bricks.

Colors known: Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Black. The black brick in my photo is CA, the others are ABS.

Unanswered questions:

I’ll add comments on mold pip locations and logo orientation later.

[Original post and comments on Flickr.]

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