Samsonite – Crossed Open O logo

These bricks are nearly impossible to photograph. They are so shiny that either they reflect so much that all details are blown out or none of the details are visible. This might be the most difficult bricks to photograph yet 😀

These bricks were made in license by Samsonite. This mold had a few life phases. Several details such as the font for the mold numbers used, the absence of the pat pend mark and the mold pip location are very recognisable and indicate that these bricks were made in the same mold.

  • I found a few bricks with a weak Open O logo.
  • The next version that we can identify have two Open O logo’s at a 90 degree angle. The mold pip locations and logo orientations change, so the mold halves changed position at least once during maintenance/revision.
  • Finally the bricks received a new modern stud logo.

In the top left, three versions of the number 20 brick. Top right three versions of the brick without number. Below that a few bricks with each logo version.

The amount of visible changes is higher than usual, and those crossed logos do not live up to the high quality standard we expect to see in LEGO bricks.

Logo: Open O logo, Crossed Open O logo, Modern logo.
Material: CA.
Wall type: Thick.
Inner ribs: none.
Inner tubes: with rounded bottom.
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: No.
Mold pip: short side, top corner.
Mold position numbers: 1 to 24 (There is one brick without number. That must be position 11 or 19.)
Intellectual property protection: None. (There is no Pat. pend. mark, which is unlike other bricks made in this period.)
Colors known:

  • Open O logo: red
  • Crossed logo: red, white, yellow
  • Modern logo: red

Remarkable features:

  • Crossed logo
  • No pat.pend.
  • Mold pip position

Unanswered Questions

  • Which mold position was not numbered?
Samsonite – Crossed Open O logo. CA. No Pat.Pend markings. Mold number 8 on the short side.

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