Samsonite Brick With Tubes, Mold Pip Edge, Large Font P

These bricks can be found in the USA. Initially, they were made with the Narrow straight O inside circle logo in upright position. On some later bricks rotated logos can be found. Even later, they have been replaced by the Samsonite open O logo. Unlike the 1×6 and 1×8 bricks, no mixed logo bricks have been found yet.

Logo: Narrow straight O inside circle, Samsonite open O
Material: CA
Wall type: Thick
Inner ribs: none
Inner tubes: with rounded bottom
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: No
Mold pip: corner bottom edge
Mold identification letter: large P
Mold position numbers: 1 to 20. There is one brick without number. It must have been position 18.
Intellectual property protection: Pat pend above and below right tube
Colors known: red, white, yellow.

Remarkable features:

  • Location of pat pend mark
  • Can be found with different stud logos

Unanswered questions:

  • When did the logo change?

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