Minitalia With Split Tube – Mold C

See here for an overview of all Minitalia 2×4 bricks.

Logo: None.
Material: ? (The plastic is cheaper than regular ABS and the Minitalia bricks often show much wear.)
Inner tubes: Split tube (split parallel to short side.)
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: Yes.
Mold pip: on the short side.
Mold numbers: C (rotated on brick number 14.)
Mold position numbers: 1 to 24. Usually machine engraved, but scratched on brick number 9.
Inner ribs: Full length rib near the top of the brick on both the short and long sides.
Intellectual property protection: “Pat. pend” and “Pat pend”, depending on mold position number. All these bricks also exist with the Pat pend mark erased/obscured.
Colors known: White, Red, Blue, Yellow (two shades), Black and Transparent.

Remarkable features:

  • No logo or brand name is shown.
  • The studs are hollow on the top, there are no holes on the inside of the brick.
  • These were the first thin-walled bricks. I believe the thin wall, the split tube and the X-support are all attempts to reduce the amount of plastic used in order to reduce cost as much as possible. I suspect the two types of support were used to test these different options for possible use in regular LEGO bricks later.

Unanswered Questions

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