3001old, mold pip short side, mold nr 65

These bricks were found in Canada.

Logo: modern logo.
Material: ABS.
Inner wall: Thick.
Inner ribs: None.
Inner tubes: inside edge rounded, outside edge flat
Flowrib / center line inside top surface: Yes.
Mold pip: on the short side.
Mold numbers: 65
Mold cavity numbers: 1 to 24. Brick numbers 2, 6, and 18 look like they might have had an earlier mold number inside.
Intellectual property protection: None. Brick numbers 2, 6, 18 and 23 look like they might have had a pat. pend. mark inside.
DesignID: None
Remarkable features: Obscured marks in bricks 2, 6, 18 and 23.
Colors known: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Transparent.

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